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6th Day Dance is a not-for-profit  modern dance company iq option download for pc windows 7 that uses professional dance works for the purpose of impacting people of all cultures in a positive and uplifting way.

In support of this mission we:
Train artists in the technical skills of multiple forms of dance
Teach and mentor company members in spiritual principles
Present dance at multiple community venues
Educate audiences on the use of dance as an act of spirituality
Entertain audiences with professional dance productions
Outreach to at risk youth, underprivileged, and special needs peoples to mentor, teach movement skills, and provide alternative outlets
Tour regionally, nationally and internationally
Network with other iq option download for windows artists by collaborating 

Artistic Style

While striving to impact our culture with excellent work 6D uses relatable elements to unlock the exploration of the human condition that provokes an enrichment of the soul.  Incorporating professionally trained dancers, actors, musicians, and those with disabilities 6D brings a grounded, technical, edgy, uplifting, full-bodied show to each audience challenging them to look past the status quo and see beauty.  As a contemporary dance company 6D threads Biblical scripture into a style that is a fusion of "free-flow" modern, ballet lines, and punchy jazz, creating unbound raw energy fueled by seamless grace.  Their juxtaposition of a simplistic and complex movement vocabulary pulsates each piece into rapid happenings that birth exquisite reflections.


Lyndee Breece, April Cunningham and Jen Rowse founded 6th Day Dance in 2001.  These three founders shared the same vision for reclaiming the art of dance to educate, encourage, provide hope and impact others in a positive way.  The company achieved non profit status in March of 2005, and continues to strive for creative excellence thru the use of dance.  6th Day focuses its mission on producing and performing dance iq option app windows concerts, providing community outreach to at-risk youth and disadvantaged individuals, and providing excellence in dance education through the 6th Day Dance Apprentice Program.


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